A Little About Me!!

IMG_3303Hello! My name is Lizzie DeBroux and I am a student at Brigham Young University – Idaho. I have studied Music Education for over two years and am planning on minoring in it. I am now on a journey to figure out myself and what God has in store for me. In doing so, I have decided that I want to pursue Marriage and Family Studies and hopefully become a Marriage and Family therapist in the future. I am very interested in learning more about families and the significant role they play in our society. I am definitely in a learning process and I do not in anyway claim to be perfect. I am in the learning process just like we all are. This blog was made primarily for my Family Relations class and it will contain many of my observations and discoveries I come across during the course as well as my personal opinions on important topics. I will also share fun stories, inspirational thoughts, connections and insights I have had during the course, commitments or cautions to myself, hopes, dreams, goals, a family mission statement, key principles, and/or prophetic counsel on marriage and family life.


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